The Internet from 2009 VS 2019 {#10yearschallenge}

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Internet Had 1.73 BILLION Users Worldwide by 2009.

Umm! just in case, in words: 1,730,000,000 Internet Users

(Just in case if you haven’t seen the #10yearschallenge Video, Click Here

#10yearschallenge was a GREAT trend that inspired us to dig into the actual data and figure the growth that it has achieved in the last 10 years.

Internet Existed To Communicate

In 2009, the Internet Users had sent over 90 TRILLION EMAILS. to which the Average Number of emails that were sent in a day was 247 BILLION and the number of email users that were there worldwide were 1.4 BILLION and that’s NOT IT!.

The World had 234 MILLION Websites as of December 2009 (Damn those are some numbers! but we are to see more in this post, so keep reading…)

And NOW! in 2019: There are Now Almost 4 Billion Email Users Worldwide and studies say that we are yet to see a growth of additional 2.9 Billion Users World Wide.

And with the Website Count! The Web World has approximately 1.94 BILLION websites (We’re one of them!)

How Fascinating it is to Realise that there were Few Wires ONLY! and Now the world chats in two taps… Everything Matters Everything as every time Matters every time…

DynaTAC, Nokia, Motorola To Apples and Samsungs 

Do you remember we use to Exchange BBM Pins back in 2009 which then happen to make multiple comebacks, however, they couldn’t BUT! Apples and Samsungs have added a lot to the Market Ever Since their existence in Cellphone Manufacturing.

In 2009: 173 MIllion People owned Cellphones/Smartphones…

and NOW! in 2019 3.4 Billion People using cellphones/smartphones…

Believe Me You! the world would be the smallest place to reach out to anyone, anytime, anywhere…

Parallel Universe is in Making

Social Media Platforms has, of course, helped us all to stay in touch with each other, a constant touch… But also it is helping humans to evolve better, faster and smarter… Many Scientists do claim that Humans are to experience many biological and psychological changes which would lead to new Behavioral Patterns (Crazy!)

The User Spends an average of 142 Mins a Day on Social Media Platforms – i.e. 2 Hours 22 Mins a day. (Recorded by 2018 and we are yet to have the data on what new millennials have to add to these numbers.)

In 2009: Facebook had 150 Million Users

and 2019: Facebook is all set to touch more than 3 BILLION users worldwide, by 2019.

In 2009: Twitter had 150 Million Users,

and by now, it is 2.27 Billion Users.

And then how can we forget Linkedin: in 2009, LinkedIn had marked 37 Million Users. And Now! in 2019 the total count is 590 Million Users.

And Could you believe! Instagram was Expecting in 2009! :D… Instagram was launched in 2010 and now they have more than 1 billion users and perhaps MOST ADDICTIVE and MORE ENGAGING social media platform the world has seen by far…

What would you choose? a 1000 word article or 5 min video? It’s a serious question… to which the world opted for 5 Min Video and thus! the Visual Form took a pase in late 2000s and Also! Internet Infrastructure and Content Creators made the World Wide Web a happening spot for content lovers. 

Visual Story Is Users’ First Priority

If given a choice, you would see the visual stories FIRST! A Recent Research had stated that Everything which is known to mankind, has a visual story of it on Youtube/Internet. Now that the world has 4G already and cellphone companies are battling upon 5G, the world would see more of Visual Stories in coming years…

But in 2009, total Views per day on Youtube were 2 BILLION which now (in 2019) is over 5 BILLION Views Per Day… Thanks to Youtube for keeping it easy and accessible for users and MASSIVE THANKS to the Creators to make Internet and Youtube in specific, a Better Place 🙂

So! dear User, we are living on the planet which has made another planet for us to stay connected, virtually… This has not only Boosted up the Economic Conditions by backing the Principles of Globalization… But Also Help us all to be better Hoomans 🙂

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