Internet Had 1.73 BILLION Users Worldwide by 2009. Umm! just in case, in words: 1,730,000,000 Internet Users (Just in case if you haven’t seen the #10yearschallenge Video, Click Here #10yearschallenge was a GREAT trend that inspired us to dig into the actual data and figure the growth that it has achieved in the last 10
Let me explain it this way: When you enter a showroom, you’re always greeted by a representative who would engage you and give you the best response to your queries. That “One to One Engagement“ is what we call Content Exchange in between you and the representative. Web platforms, too have a similar impact, as
Thursday, 05 April 2018 / Published in Importance of Digital Marketing
Year 2017 has brought huge shift in Digital Marketing functions which could help businesses and individuals to engage the end user more and showcase more of their work/services/products. But in this article, we are focusing on Real Impacts that Small businesses or startups can gain by doing best of Digital marketing. Business Owners Can be
Saturday, 22 August 2015 / Published in Digital Marketing, Target Audience
Identifying the Target audience is the first step to make a Successful Campaign and have best returns on your Investments. Don’t miss this post, read it till the end as it is to help you know how you can improve your digital marketing campaigns. And if you can, I would insist you take a pen
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